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Composite Deck Cleaning

Your composite deck can look new again

Composite decks are generally low maintenance but when they do become dirty they can be difficult to clean.
Foot traffic grinds dirt into the decks surface and mildew and algae tend to build up on composite material.

Restoring the appearance of a composite deck requires cleaners and procedures different from those used to restore a wooden deck.

Wood & Composite Desk Cleaning

Restoring a wooden deck often involves applying a deck stripper and removing a thin layer of old wood from the surface to reveal a fresh new wood underneath.
This is not an option with a composite deck.

Cleaning a composite deck has more in common with cleaning vinyl siding than it does with cleaning a wood deck.
Both the detergents and the water pressure used to clean a composite deck are similar to those used to clean vinyl.

Cleaning at the correct pressure is even more important with a composite deck.
Just like wood composite decking can be damaged by excessive high pressure but unlike wood it cannot be sanded to restore its appearance.

And, watch out for contractors who use “deck restoration” products intended for wood, those products can do irreparable damage to composite materials.

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