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Driveway & Walkway Cleaning

Your Neighbors will think you got a new driveway!

Concrete has a rough porous surface, making it very difficult to clean and even the smallest homes often have over 1000 square feet of drives and walks. You can try to clean it yourself but the amount of work is overwhelming and the results disappointing. Let us return the appearance of your drives and walks to the most appealing they can be.

Concrete Drives are the most durable material on your property, but they also take the most abuse. Vehicle traffic, dirt, algae, rock salt, fertilizer, battery acid and rust deposits from sprinklers spoil the appearance of your drives and walkways.

Drives & Walkway Cleaning

Concrete has a rough and porous surface that easily absorbs contaminants making it difficult for the homeowner to clean, and the sheer area that needs to be washed will often seem overwhelming. Scrubbing your drive way with a brush and rinsing with a hose is time consuming back breaking work and the results are disappointing. Stains aren’t removed by manual cleaning and need to be treated with appropriate cleaning agents. We know the best solutions for treating oil, rust and acid stains.

You can rent a pressure washer and try to do it yourself, but swinging a pressure washing wand back and forth can produce uneven results and excessive pressure can strip the finish coat off the slab, and you can’t put finish coat back on once it’s been stripped off.

Our rotating flat surface cleaner uses medium pressure to deep clean your driveways and walkways.

We use a flat surface cleaner with a 4 nozzle bar that rotates at 1200 rpm.  The constant rotation of the bar agitates the concrete surface resulting in a deep clean and reducing the pressure needed to remove the contaminants that spoil the appearance of your walks and drives. The surface cleaner also keeps the nozzles at a uniform distance from the concrete eliminating the possibility of damaging the surface with excessive pressure and produces an even, consistent clean.

With a flat surface cleaner can clean an area 4 to 5 times faster than we could using a high pressure lance. We can clean a 3 foot wide path as we move along using only 20% of the water it would take to clean with a lance while achieving superior results.

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