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Wood Deck & Fence Cleaning

Don’t pay hard-earned money to restore your deck just to have the stain fail after the first winter!

Wood Desk & Fences Cleaning

The appearance of your deck is a good indicator of how well the stain is protecting it.

There are stains with manufacturers’ warranties of 5 years that will fail after a single winter. Warranties are based on laboratory tests that measure a stains resistance to ultraviolet light not exposure to the elements. Water damage, freeze thaw cycles, heavy foot traffic and much more are not taken into account in these tests.

We know from experience which stains will maintain their appearance and continuously protect your deck under real world conditions.

Staining a deck before it has sufficiently dried will result in poor adhesion of the stain. You can’t determine the moisture content of wood by looking at it. We use a moisture meter to ensure your deck has dried enough to accept stain.

Professional application in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications will ensure that the stain lasts for the lifetime of the warranty.

Restoring you deck is a value only if the results last.

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