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Gutter Cleaning

Damage from overflowing gutters can cost you hundreds even thousands of dollars.
Prevention costs just pennies on the dollar.

Every inch of rain that falls on a 2000 square foot roof creates 1200 gallons of water that urgently needs to be diverted away from your home. Clogged gutters spill over causing water to run down your homes exterior and saturate the ground below.

Gutters that cannot drain fill with water when it rains and that extra weight can begin to pull the gutters away from from the fascia. This creates gaps along the length of the gutter system allowing water to pour down the side of your home during heavy rains.

Water that is not diverted away from your home will pool along the walls of your home and saturate the ground. Excess water in the soil can seep through foundation walls into the basement creating a damp environment where mold and mildew can thrive.

Over time excessive exposure to water can weaken foundation walls causing structural damage.

Gutters are neglected because they are one of the most difficult areas of the home to clean and potentially dangerous if you are not sure of yourself on a ladder. You don’t have to get on a ladder just contact us and we’ll take care of it for you.

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